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Marble Surface


Artisanal Dessert and Beverage Drops that bursts in your mouths and releases a fusion of flavours.

Who are we

A pair of two 23-year-old biotechnology scientists focusing on Experiential Foods – which is giving people a unique experience in food. We believe that Food brings people together and hope to use food science and technology to bring Molecular Gastronomy and an unforgettable experience to everyone. We currently producing LadleDrops, focused on Gastronomical Cocktails and Innovative Desserts.

Why do we need support

We are raising support to produce a new line of innovative dessert products. Think Janice Wong’s level of creativity and art – thoughtfully and finely produced in masses. To make Food Art and Experience available for all.

To achieve this, we are looking to purchase quality ingredients for our R&D, innovative packaging to transport the delicate products, and rent a licensed kitchen workspace to creating one of the best desserts that your eyes have seen and your tastebuds have tasted.

Fundraising amount

The financial support will allow us to explore a greater number of techniques of research and to explore a greater diversity of quality ingredients without having to worry about a tight budget.

We want to share our joys and wins with our supporters!
For those supporting us with more than $200, we want to appreciate your help and arrange for you to meet us at IncuBaker for a private tasting session with us.

For others, you will be cordially invited to an exclusive tasting and networking session where our new products will be showcased and previewed.


Target: S$5000

Fundraiser end date: 31/12/2024

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Support via non-financial means

Besides financial means, we welcome other forms of support!

If you are passionate about artisanal food research, sales or marketing, content creation and willing to join us for part-time gigs in the kitchen or at our pop-ups, let’s chat! Click any options below and we can connect separately to work out an arrangement.

Connect with us!

Person 1 - +65.98765432

Instagram - @ladledrops

TikTok - @ladledrops

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