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Singapore's first SFA-endorsed co-working kitchen

Conveniently located at Infinite Studios, Mediapolis.

Image by Henry & Co.
About us

We are passionate about helping F&B startups and entrepreneurs find a reasonable way to enter the market and so we started IncuBaker® in 2018.  

And we take great pride in noting that IncuBaker® is Singapore's first and still only SFA-endorsed shared kitchen, providing a licensed platform for F&B startups to quickly and cheaply get to market.


 And as a resource partner of FoodInnovate Singapore, we have the network helmed by Enterprise Singapore to further grow your dreams.

Use one workstation to produce for a food fair or book the entire facility for a product launch party - the choice is yours.

Now you can see if your product has what it takes to succeed before you take the next big step in your F&B journey.

Image by Henry & Co.
What you get

In short? A shared SFA-license to sell your F&B to the public.  

Of course you also have equipment to support essential baking and cooking such as 

  • Brandt and Unox ovens

  • Sagi blast chiller

  • Breville and Kenwood mixers and food processors

  • Utensils by Kitchenary

  • Cuisinart Ice-cream maker, vertical waffle maker, and other kitchen consumables.


Just bring your own ingredients.

Your own specialised equipment can also be brought along 

(we have flexible fittings for 32A and 16A equipment)

What's more 

We also offer culinary-based team-building packages, as well as general rental of the kitchen space as a filming venue, product demonstrations and launches (even if it's not food-related), team-bonding days, family events (e.g. reunion dinners), private dining (think a Chef's Table concept) and any other event when you need a novel and refreshing location.

Image by Henry & Co.
What working at IncuBaker® means to...

Your Company

You start off on the correct foot. You are licensed. You are free to trade on your own terms as if this were your very own space (less all the CAPEX).

You can purchase insurance.

You can work more efficiently, effectively and hygienically than you ever could from home.

At IncuBaker®, we are more than just a pretty location. We are Singapore's Premier F&B incubator. We connect you to sources and suppliers, retailers, technology as well as investors. You get the best start possible in the challenging world of F&B. 

Your Brand

With us, you trade under your own brand.

Other kitchens make 'special' agreements for you to come under their company.

We don't do that.

Here at IncuBaker®, you build your own brand loyalty and goodwill from day one.

Your Customers

Show them your due diligence by using a licensed and hygienic space for your production.

We believe in providing the best value for our customers and we know you do too.

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