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  • How do I go about making a booking at your studio?
    For ad-hoc or one-off booking, do complete this online enquiry and usage needs form, which indicates the purpose, date, time, duration, and no. of persons using the space. Drop us a note at as soon as you’ve completed the e-form. For studio subscribers, upon signing the contract with us, you’ll be able to self-book your time/date via a scheduling App that we’ll share with you.
  • Can I come in earlier than my booking time to prepare?
    The duration of your booking includes preparation (e.g. cutting of ingredients) and consumption of the food. We do allow a grace period of 10-15 minutes before the start of your booking for simple preparation such as setting up the workstation and getting ready for baking/cooking.
  • Do I have to clean up after myself?
    A good cook/baker is also a tidy one, Yes you do need to clear up after you're done at the workstation. Users are to ensure that there are no stains, food crumbs or other food debris left on the workstation and floor. Note: Bookings that start/end after 1700hrs on weekdays and all day weekends/Public Holidays do not come with a cleaning service unless arranged prior (at additional charge).
  • Can I order some ingredients or things that I need and have them delivered to the studio (E.g. from Lazada, Redmart, Redman etc)?
    Yes, you can get it delivered to the studio on weekdays from 9.30am-5pm. Do inform us ahead of time of the delivery, which supplier/delivery service provider and the items so that our crew can help to keep a lookout. Our crew will only sign off on the delivery but will not be responsible for checking the quality of goods received. IncuBaker will also not be held responsible for any loss or damage to items delivered.
  • What if I want to extend the hours of my initial booking?
    Yes, you can and subject to availability. Should you wish to extend, please call us at the earliest opportunity at 9695 6599 / 9382 1402.
  • Do you take in long-term bookings?
    Yes, we do! Please email us at or ring us at 9695 6599 / 9382 1402, and we will work something out together. To better understand your needs and usage, please complete this enquiry form for us to support and advise you.
  • Can I do a trial session before I commit to subscribing to the 3 months minimum contract?
    We strongly encourage a trial session before you commit to the contract. It will help you assess if our studio fits your food-making needs. We offer a trial rate at $225 (before 8% GST) for 3 hours.
  • Do you provide an induction before my first booking?
    An induction session will be provided prior to your first confirmed session with us to familiarise yourself with the layout and how to operate our equipment, switches etc.
  • Is your co-working kitchen and cafe halal-friendly?
    We have a halal-friendly section (3 workstations) in the kitchen studio. Note that this is not a halal-certified space by MUIS. However, if you require a full exclusive use of the studio and for it to be halal-friendly, we can arrange for a one-off cleansing service (Sertu-cleansing) by MUIS and/or a recognised vendor. You (the client) will bear the charges for these cleansing services. The cafe is not halal-certified but the pastries and cakes sold are from a halal-supplier. Always check in with our friendly crew at the cafe should you have any queries.
  • How do I ensure that my products are halal-friendly?
    Your products should use food ingredients with a recognised Halal-certification mark by established Halal authorities from the country of origin, be free from alcohol, pork, lard and other non-halal livestock traces. If you are in doubt and unsure of the sources of your ingredients, avoid using them in your food-making.
  • What are the rates like?
    Ad-hoc Rates: 1 Workstation (from sink to sink) 1 - 4 pax Weekdays (until 5pm): $225 for first 3 hours, $70/subsequent hour Other times: $400 for the first 3 hours, $100/subsequent hour Half Studio Up to 12 pax Weekdays (until 5pm): $800 for first 3 hours, $200/subsequent hour Other times: $950 for the first 3 hours, $250/subsequent hour Chef's Suite Up to 6 pax Weekdays (until 5pm): $300 for first 3 hours, $90/subsequent hour Other times: $550 for the first 3 hours, $160/subsequent hour Full Studio Up to 48 pax Weekdays (until 5pm): $1200 for first 3 hours, $300/subsequent hour Other times: $1600 for the first 3 hours, $400/subsequent hour Our members’ rates are highly dependent on the following factors: Food product type Usage of studio Frequency and duration of usage Production scale Number of pax Usage of any special equipment Please contact us directly for a quotation that suits your needs.
  • Can I visit the studio?
    Most definitely! We encourage you to visit us before making any booking or signing up as a subscriber. However, this is by appointment only. Give us a call (96956599 / 93821402/ 94774106) for a viewing prior to your booking/event (click here for directions on how to get to our studio).
  • Does the studio have a First Aid Kit?
    Yes. An AED is also available at the building's security desk, just 20 meters away from our space.
  • Is there insurance against accidents while I am using your facilities?
    Subject to certain exclusions (e.g. horseplay, contributory negligence, etc), all users of the premises are covered by our insurance policy.
  • What equipment do you provide?
    Please view our latest equipment list below.
  • Can I bring my own equipment?
    While you can bring your own equipment, do check with us beforehand before bringing it in especially if your equipment is physically large or is commercial in nature (i.e. requires a separate exhaust or greater power i.e. 16A or 32A).
  • Can I store my equipment at IncuBaker?
    We can accommodate interim storing of equipment on a case-by-case basis. Connect directly with us for storage rates. Note that while every effort has been taken to ensure security at the studio, IncuBaker will not be liable for any damage however caused while the equipment is left at our premises.
  • What if I break or damage equipment?
    Users are responsible for using the equipment and utensils with care. Should equipment be damaged during the course of use, the cost of repair will be levied on the person who made the booking.
  • Do you have an open fire / gas stove for heavy cooking?
    We provide induction stoves only which are suitable for cooking a variety of dishes/cuisines.
  • Can I put IncuBaker’s address in my products and sell them at food fairs and other sales avenues?
    While we do allow it based on requests with our written consent, do let us know the details of the fairs/events you are participating in advance.
  • Do I need to have a basic food hygiene certification?
    You and your production staff MUST have valid Basic Food Hygiene/Safety certification which must be present with you at all times when you are using our premises (hard/soft copies). Do send us a soft copy of the certificate for our records.
  • Do I need to purchase any insurance for my business?
    We’re happy to discuss with you options based on your specific needs. Drop us a direct note. There are also product liability insurance requirements that must be confirmed before your sale.
  • Can I sell my items to businesses (B2B)?
    Our current co-sharing licence by SFA is for B2C. If you need to speak to us about the details of your B2B channel(s), do let us know to better understand it.
  • Can I sell my products in your storefront/cafe to test the demand?
    Yes, absolutely. Our cafe/retail front is designed to support our users/incubatees to validate their products and test it with customers. There’s a 25% commission fee to IncuBaker from the recommended retail price (RRP) for every sale made. In fact, you can rent the entire cafe for a trial to test-run your own business. During this period, you will be responsible for the manpower, operation, production etc. just like how you will be with your own storefront. We are open to discussing the rental period to suit the intended purpose. E.g. Pop-up Concept by "The Alley"
  • Can i promote my business on your social media platforms/website?
    In addition to your own marketing/sales efforts, weare happy to support where appropriate and do a shout-out for your brand on our social media platforms, subject to our content calendar availability.
  • If I need a professional laboratory to perform R&D for my product, can I do it in your kitchen?
    As we do not have the necessary professional laboratory equipment, the space might not be suitable for complex R&D processes or equipment that you may require. However, we do have a professional R&D lab partner whom we canrefer you to, if required.
  • Do you have a bigger kitchen and/or storage venue that I can utilize as I expand my business?
    At this point, IncuBaker@Infinite Studios is our main co-working kitchen space. We are able to refer you to one of our affiliate business partners if you need a bigger/commercial kitchen for your expansion. Hive Kitchen @Esplanade is a smaller but more private area that we offer as well for events. For additional storage needs beyond what we offer (i.e. locker, chiller, and freezer storage space) and depending on your needs, we can also refer you to suitable food storage facilities.
  • How can Incubaker support me apart from providing a kitchen and co-sharing license?
    More than just a space, we can connect you to our suite of supporting services to enable your food business. This includes access to suppliers/wholesalers, FoodInnovate partners, packaging companies, and venture capital seed funds, corporate services (i.e. corporate secretarial services, accounting, digital marketing, HR, etc).
  • Can I employ private chefs from IncuBaker for hosting events/parties?
    Yes, however ample notice (up to 1 month) must be given prior to your event.
  • What are the covid restrictions that I have to adhere to while I use your studio?
    The studio will be abiding by the prevailing restrictions based on the guidelines stipulated by the governing authorities.
  • Can I engage a caterer for my events?
    Yes, you can. There will be corkage charged for certain types of drinks bought in. Set-up and tear-down time is also to be done within your booking duration.
  • What is your maximum capacity?
    For safety reasons, the maximum number of people cooking and baking at one time is 40. Up to another 20 more can be accommodated at the lounge and cafe area.
  • Do you have a projection and AV system?
    Yes, we do. Please bring along your own laptop, HDMI, and audio output/input cables (2m long will suffice).

Download our factsheet for the full FAQs and studio rules here.

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