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SEED Ventures partners IncuBaker, Singapore’s 1st licensed co-working kitchen for F&B businesses

IncuBaker partners venture capital fund for F&B startups
From right: Stephanie Chan, Co-founder & Managing Partner of IncuBaker, Nison Chan, Partner for Business Development & Partnerships and Farah Fami, Marketing & Business Development Manager of IncuBaker.

IncuBaker®, Singapore’s first SFA-endorsed co-working kitchen space, joins hands with SEED Ventures (SV), a Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) licensed venture capital ("VC") fund management company headquartered in Singapore.

Being the only shared SFA-license facility, IncuBaker® differentiates itself by offering food makers and F&B startups the ability to kickstart their businesses more efficiently without the financial burden of licensing, rental and costly equipment.

IncuBaker® provides an open concept sanitary environment, a suite of quality kitchen equipment and even a 24/7 facial recognition with temperature-taking access system, which allows food makers to enter at their own convenience. Users at the co-working kitchen studio get to work in a highly-collaborative, vibrant and entrepreneurial community.

Venture Capital and Food-making Partnership

Through this partnership, SV will be formally recognized as IncuBaker®’s exclusive Venture Capital Partner. The scope of the partnership is to provide technical expertise and consultancy opportunities in the areas of seed fund raising, venture capital advisory, business strategy, mentoring, access to shared corporate services, customized business clinics and more.

Fundraising opportunities will also be available to F&B startups at IncuBaker®. Operating at the pre-seed/seed-stages, SV provides debt and equity-based funding for early stage startups seeking their first institutional funding. In addition to funding, start-ups can look forward to resources to deepen and expand their distribution pipelines, improve their investor-base and even strengthen their sales funnels.

As a capstone offering, members and startups related to or referred by IncuBaker® will stand to enjoy up to $4.8K SGD in service credits applicable for corporate services in SV's respective ecosystems.

More to Come! - Venture Capital and Venture Building Programmes

One of the more exciting traits of this partnership is the co-organising of venture-building programmes such as a series of knowledge-building sessions on what it takes to raise funds, structure the F&B business for growth and potentially having suitable F&B startups pitch at Ask-A-VC (AVC), SV’s very own ‘SharkTank’ pitching show. These events are designed for participants seeking to gain technical knowledge of the venture capital world in preparation for their fund-raising efforts.

Since 2016, SV’s venture building programmes have been taught in IHLs (Institute of Higher Learning) in SG and the region, such as National University of SG(NUS), INSEAD and National Tsing Hua University.


SEED Ventures holds a Capital Markets Services (CMS) for Venture Capital Fund Management (VCFM) from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Its funds are sourced from accredited and institutional investors. SEED Ventures invests in startups at the seed stage and beyond funding, provides distribution, sales, mentorship and strategic connections to fuel and scale businesses.


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