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Past Incubatees New Milestones – Our former F&B Start-up clients

Hear the stories of 3 inspiring F&B start-ups who have worked with us to help them achieve their business goals!

1. Ti Yan Patisserie

Specializing in exquisite macarons and luxurious pastries, Ti Yan Patisserie was initially unsure about their market demand for French Gastronomy and therefore wanted a space to experiment with teaching locals how to cook French cuisine. IncuBaker provided them with a space for months of research, testing and a great soft launch. With the help of Incubaker, they had a great headstart into the industry and the opportunity to grow their business.

2. Durian Lobang King

Durian Lobang King offers luscious, decadent and unadulterated Mao Shan Wang durians and other desserts such as mochis. Founder of Durian Lobang King, Marcus Png was grateful to have met various experienced chefs in Incubaker during the most trying times in the initial start-up phase. They tasted his durian and offered him advice and suggestions to expand into offering more durian products. He was also encouraged by the community of like-minded entrepreneurs to continue his business as durian is a popular delicacy in Singapore. With IncuBaker’s turnkey facilities, Durian Lobang King got their SFA license, brick-and-mortar location and logistics to pivot their business during the height of the circuit breaker last year in 2020, opening up their shop in the North East of Singapore.

3. HUSK Nasi Lemak

At IncuBaker, Head Chef Gideon Tan was inspired to experiment local flavours with a modern twist and enjoyed the big coworking kitchen space to create fusion flavours such as a combination of Balinese and Western Cuisines incorporated into their now popular Nasi Lemak dishes. HUSK Nasi Lemak now has a branch at Bugis Cube and offers savoury, fusion Nasi Lemak.

Husk Nasi Lemak:

We hope that these 3 success stories from previous start-ups will inspire you to reach your goals quicker if you are a budding F&B Entrepreneur through the support that IncuBaker can provide. Once again, we would like to congratulate all our incubatees for their grand openings and for the past journey with us!

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